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Phase Loss Relay, Contractor Configurable


Phase Loss Relay, contractor configurable for 120/208VAC

The Phase Loss Relay detects loss of voltage on any of three monitored phases and triggers a contact closure on the output when one of the phases is lost. A contact closure is used to signal panels like GreenMAX® to go into EM mode.

UPC Code: 078477995808
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Product Information

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage Type : Line Voltage

  • Product Features

    Product Line : GreenMAX

    Product Type : Phase Loss Relay

  • Monitors incoming power and triggers a contact closure when the voltage goes above 10%
  • or below 20%
  • Covers situations where power monitoring is needed as required by emergency systems
  • Can be used with GreenMAX Relay Panels
  • DIN Rail Enclosure - contains 1 rail 12.9” (33cm), 14” x 10” x 4” (36cm x 26cm x 12cm)
    • Configurable for 120 or 277V, shipped for 120V monitoring

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