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Building Manager Online (BMO), Submeter Software, Module: Tenant Billing, Add-On: 50 Additional Data Points



BMO Tenant Billing - Add 50 data points

VerifEye Building Manager Online Tenant Billing Module allows multi-unit property operators to equitably allocate and invoice individual tenant utility costs and capture and allocate common area costs across portfolios of buildings and facilities. The platform provides a variety of billing summary reports as well as a portal for tenants to individually view their energy usage information online.

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UPC Code: 078477250457
Country of Origin : United States
RoHS Compliant: Yes – Click Here

Product Information

  • Configure tenant data and assign any submeter to any tenant
  • Create tariffs for current and future use at the entire building level—simple, tiered or time of use (TOU)
  • Generate tenant invoices for any user selected data range
  • Convenient email function for monthly invoices
  • View management summary reports for each billing period
  • Export invoices as PDFs
  • Provides a graphical representation of energy usage data to support tenant bills

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