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Building Manager Online (BMO), Submeter Software, Module: Advanced Reporting, Add-on: 50 Additional Data Points, 1st year



BMO Advanced Reporting Upgrade - per each additional 50 data points (1st year)

VerifEye Building Manager Online Advanced Reporting Module adds additional reporting, analytics and display features to this dynamic platform. It displays a wide variety of energy information with easy to use graphics tools and configurable dashboards. Display energy usage and cost data specific to multiple buildings and portfolios in 15-minute intervals. Generate date-based reports for any user-defined parameter including energy, demand and cost for any meter point in the local architecture. Energy goals can be set at the building or portfolio level and the system can be programmed to send alerts and alarms via email.

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UPC Code: 078477404904
Country of Origin : United States
RoHS Compliant: Yes – Click Here

Product Information

  • Software platform tool with a capacity for managing an entire portfolio of buildings
  • Configure dashboards to graphically display user defined energy information data
  • View building information updated in 15-minute intervals—energy usage, measured parameters, cost metrics and more
  • Set goals for energy usage at the building or portfolio level
  • Receive alerts and alarms via email
  • View and display current and future weather data based on desired geographical location
  • Create virtual meters to report aggregated loads for lighting, HVAC, etc.

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