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LED Ready Dimmer Switch, Light Switch, Preset Slide Dimmer Switch, Lutron 3-Wire, 1500/2875/3463, Renoir 2


Product Line: Renoir II, Load Type: Lutron 3-Wire, Wattage/VA: 1500/2875/3463, Voltage: 120/230/277, Control: Preset Slide, Heat Sink: Thin, Neutral: Required, Title 24 compliant

The Leviton Renoir™ II line of architectural wall box dimmers supports an unparalleled number of applications using a minimum number of SKUs.

UPC Code: 078477459744
Country of Origin : China

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Control Style : Preset Slide

    LED Compatible : Yes

    Load Type : Lutron 3-Wire

    Neutral : Required

    Product Category : Wallbox

    Product Line : Renoir II

    Product Type : Preset Slide Dimmer

  • Electrical Specifications

    Voltage : 120/230/277 VAC

    Wattage/VA : 1500/2875/3463

  • Universal voltage—120-277V (excludes non-neutral models) 
    • Multi-location dimming—up to 5-way dimming 
    • Remote dimmers and switches 
    • Connect up to 5 devices, max 250’ on one traveler wire 
    • Remote control all connected master dimmers 
    • Masters always operate independently 
  • Locator indicator—illuminates when dimmer is off for easy location in a dark room
  • Non-neutral models—for retrofit applications 
  • Configurable cut-off level—allows user configuration of cut-off point and automatically recalibrates to allow maximum control from cutoff point to full output 
  • Smooth-action, linear captive slide control— easy, precise adjustment of lighting levels - Easy-touch preset switch turns lights ON at last selected brightness level
  • Clean and stylish appearance 
    • Fits standard commercial 2-1/2” deep wallboxes 
    • Decora® wallplates coordinate with Leviton’s extensive line of Decora devices 
    • Fins are easily removed for multi-gang applications 
    • No visible metal heat sinks, fins or mounting hardware 
  • Solid state triac dimming—saves energy when dimming, extends lamp life and reduces maintenance costs 
  • Flicker-free, smooth, and continuous dimming—reduces light fluctuations from line voltage variation and maintains the power delivered to the lamp 
  • Power failure memory—light is restored to the same levels set prior to the power failure or power interruption 
  • Surge protection—tested to withstand surges of 6,000V, 200A (ANSI/IEEE Std. C62.41-1980) 
  • Electrostatic discharge protection—protects dimmer against static discharge up to 16,000V 
  • Advanced technology engineered heat sinks—transfers heat away from essential electrical components for extended product life 
  • Square law dimming—slider position indicates the perceived light level 
  • RFI filtering—reduces interference with radio, audio and video equipment 
  • Accessible air gap feature—completely disconnects power from the load when lights are off for safety when changing lamps (available on select models; consult factory for additional details)

  • MX306445

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