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MicroControl. The ZigBee MicroControl is a standalone control unit for Leviton’s ZigBee load control modules (LCMs) and Omnistat2 thermostats. MicroControl features a timed energy saving mode that allows you to command ZigBee devices into energy saving settings at the touch of a button. The display on the MicroControl allows easy set up, installation, and control of Leviton’s wireless ZigBee system. The environmentally-friendly internal backup battery in the MicroControl provides approximately four hours of active use power and up to 24 hours in sleep mode. The MicroControl enacts your time-based schedules for temperatures, water heaters, air conditioning units, pumps, fountains, lamps, generators, and other devices. When used stand-alone, automatically set back energy loads at precise times with preferences restoring just before returning home (to ensure a cool household, a piping hot shower, etc). Press one button when leaving and all devices enter an energy saving mode. Upon returning, press the button again to restore occupied settings. Select a particular load, view its status live, and turn it on or off. Even view the current draw (instantaneous consumption) of devices. This system is devised to reduce energy when you’re not home, and reduce “vampire” loads.
UPC Code: 87225700515
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Product Information

  • Stand-alone capability–functions without an automation controller
  • Can control up to 64 loads–LCMs or Omnistat2 thermostats. Add companion displays to expand control throughout the home
  • Internal backup battery provides approximately 4 hours of active use power and 24 hours in sleep mode
  • One button instantly set all loads to an energy saving setting
  • Leviton Part Number: ZI812-W