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Decora Telephone Wall Jack Assembly, 6P4C + 6P4C, Screw Terminals, White


Leviton's Telephone and Video Decora Wallplates are ideal where flush-mount telephone or video connection plates are needed. The Decora inserts support voice and video applications in NEMA openings where a Decora-brand look is desired. Durable video connection wallplates are available with a nickel-plated female-to-female 75 Ω F-Connector Coupler. The preassembled wallplate design provides quick and easy installation.

UPC Code: 078477397688
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Style : Decora

    Type : Telephone & Video Wallplates

  • The lead-frame 6P4C design improves reliability and provides a simple installation
  • Mounts to single-gang backboxes or four-square boxes with appropriate user-provided reducer
  • Includes mounting hardware with color matched faceplate screws
  • Available as single-gang faceplate with two 6P4C or one 6P4C jack and one F-Connector Coupler

  • CA2559623
  • MX264947
  • US7039183

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