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Network Solutions Technical White Papers

Technical White Papers
Take advantage of Network Solutions' white papers on an array of topics, from data center to PoE, IT/AV and wireless networks.

TOPICS:  Data Center  |  Health Care  |  IT/AV  |  Power over Ethernet  |  Wireless  |  EMEA Cable



Data Center

Network Design for Greenfield Data Centers

Understand the key considerations for new data centers, including network architecture, distances, data rates, fiber types, and more.


Extended Reach Fiber Applications

Understand the theory, design, and installation considerations when considering extending the reach of your fiber network.


MPO Connector Basics and Best Practices

Get a breakdown of all things MPO, including fiber counts, color coding, and polarity considerations.


Introduction to Single-Mode Fiber

Learn about the preconceived notions surrounding single-mode fiber - whether true or false - and get guidance for single-mode testing, cleaning, and inspecting.


Navigating Cabling Options for Enterprise and Cloud Data Centers

Get an overview of the quickly-evolving transceiver marketplace for cloud and large enterprise data centers, as well as ways to improve efficiency and cabling density.


The Method Behind the Magic, Multifiber Testing

While the idea of multifiber testing is intimidating, having the right training, tools, and processes will simplify the methodology and provide the forward-thinking strategies needed to help grow your business and reputation.



Prepare for Data Center Growth with a Centralized Patching Field

Learn about the trend toward using a centralized patching field in data centers, and get a comparison of traditional rack/cabinet patching versus a centralized fiber distribution frame.


Health Care

Health Care IT Infrastructure: Taming the Beast

Learn how health care facilities can manage the daunting challenges of managing information and planning for network growth.



Enterprise AV: A Practical Q&A

Get answers to common (and not so common) questions about the capability of HDBaseT technology, cabling system requirements for digital distribution signals up to 4K, monitor sizing calculations, and the ideal speaker wiring and placement for classrooms and conference rooms.


Three Keys to a Better AV User Experience

Learn the three keys to a positive user experience when designing an AV system for an education setting.


Wireless Collaboration with HDBaseT™

There are several challenges to consider before deploying wireless sharing devices in classrooms or conference rooms. This white paper looks at different AV network configurations to support wireless collaboration.


Understanding IT/AV and HDBaseT Control Systems

Gain a better understanding of basic IT/AV control signal capabilities and discover how HDBaseT technology can be utilized for audiovisual solutions.


HDBaseT 101: IT/AV Designs for Schools

Discover how an up-to-date audiovisual network can ensure a quality learning experience for students across a wide range of environments.


AV Cable Recommendations for HDBaseT

Learn why Cat 6A UTP cable with Alien Crosstalk Prevention Technology is ideal for supporting IT/AV applications over longer distances.


Residential Distributed Audio Wiring Practices

Learn the basics of pre-wiring a distributed audio entertainment system and delivering high-quality, stereo audio to various rooms or areas (zones) throughout the home.


Power over Ethernet

Smart Building Planning, Best Practices, and Network Design

The smart building market is one of the fastest growing market segments due to a variety of growing trends. Learn what's required to start a smart building project off right. 

This white paper is available in English, Italian, and Spanish.


Networked for Wellness: Connecting Smart and Healthy Buildings

Learn about the latest healthy building technologies and ways to integrate them into your network.


The Advantages of Single-Pair Ethernet

Learn about the key market drivers and standards shaping the development of single pair Ethernet technology.


Cabling System Planning and Design for Smart Buildings

Gain a better understanding of smart building challenges to ensure your investment pays off. 


This white paper is available in English and Spanish.


Network Infrastructure Considerations when Deploying a Digital Building

Guidance for network planning and design that will leverage the full capabilities of PoE and IoT in digital buildings.


The Role of Power over Ethernet in Copper Network Growth

Learn about current trends in Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications and the top market drivers fueling PoE adoption.


Cabling & Connectivity for Power over Ethernet

Get an overview of the trends and standards shaping next generation PoE, as well as recommendations for choosing the right cabling and connectivity.


This white paper is available in English and Spanish.



4 Steps to Successfully Deploying an Enterprise Wireless Network

Learn how to prepare your wireless network to handle the patest technologies, including the newest wireless access points and options for 2.5 and 5 Gigabit networks.


Evolution of Wireless

Get an overview of the technology behind 802.11ac, and learn about the backbone cabling upgrades that will allow enterprise networks to take full advantage of new wireless access points.

EMEA Cable

Performance Benefits and Advantages of Leviton SST Cat 6A Cable

Identify the advantages of choosing Leviton's SST Cat 6A cable.


This EMEA white paper is available in English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Construction Products Regulations & Fire Safety for Cables

We specialize in developing high-end world-class cabling and connectivity backed by unbeatable service and support. To better help our customers, Leviton has put together a guide to new legislation from the EU.