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4 Steps to Successfully Deploying an Enterprise Wireless Network

When installing a new enterprise wireless network, it’s important to understand the best methods for preparing your backbone cabling infrastructure to support 802.11ac and the next-gen wireless standards to come. Download this white paper to help you plan your next installation.

Learn about:

  • The latest in wireless trends and technologies
  • Network planning based on your environment and applications
  • Cable and connectivity choices, including options for 2.5/5GBASE-T


10 pages | File Type: Adobe PDF | Size: 1.5 MB


What’s the best way to prepare for emerging wireless network demands? If your organization made a relatively recent upgrade to its wireless network, it might not be ready for another update to adopt the latest wireless networking technology. Perhaps a short-term solution would meet your needs. Or, maybe your organization is ready to invest in the newest system — one with the bandwidth and infrastructure that will allow the business to keep up with rising data use for years to come.

Leviton recommends following four important steps to successfully deploy a wireless enterprise network.

  1. Develop an understanding of wireless technology.
  2. Determine device types and capacity needs.
  3. Consider your environment and building layout.
  4. Choose cabling and connectivity that will best suit your goals.

The first step is a general information gathering phase: You want to understand the technology and the differences between various wireless specifications. Steps two through four fall under the “planning” umbrella — they’re key to any successful wireless setup.