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Networked for Wellness: Connecting Smart and Healthy Buildings

This white paper examines the latest healthy building technologies being implemented by building owners and managers. It also prescribes the right network infrastructure for connecting smart and healthy buildings, including existing four pair and emerging single-pair Ethernet systems.


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Study after study shows a correlation between healthy work environments and less sick leave, higher productivity, and greater overall employee satisfaction. For these reasons, healthy building applications have become an integral part of today’s smart building initiatives.

Building owners are continuing to make changes to workspaces that incorporate health and wellness initiatives — not only as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but as part of an ongoing long-term strategy to improve eciencies, safety, and employee well-being. A 2021 survey of 400 firms in the U.S. and Canada by Johnson Controls found nearly 60% planned to invest more in healthy building initiatives. These initiatives include clean air eorts and facility systems for remote monitoring, safe access, and building automation.

Emerging technology is playing an essential role in meeting health and wellness goals, and smart building technology like sensors, controls, and lighting are key to enabling a healthy building. Historically, the makeup of a smart building has been generally ill-defined, and as a result is prone to different interpretations. In recent years standards bodies have brought greater clarity, and BICSI has helped build consensus-based standards for smart building infrastructure with ANSI/BICSI 007- 2020, Information Communication Technology Design and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings and Premises.