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AV Cable Recommendations for HDBaseT™

Using HDBaseT™ technology you can transmit HDMI signals over category-rated cable, delivering the high resolution needed over distances up to 100 meters.

This white paper covers:

  • An overview of the HDBaseT standards and applications
  • Comprehensive test results for different category-rated cables used in a HDBaseT certified link
  • Reasons why Cat 6A UTP Cable with Alien Crosstalk Prevention Technology is the ideal solution for supporting IT/AV applications over longer distance


11 pages | File Type: Adobe PDF | Size: 1 MB


Large-format displays are changing the digital-media/digital-display landscape. Increasing display size for audiences in classrooms, hospitals, hotels, and the enterprise is driving the need for higher resolution, moving beyond today’s high of 1080p. Ultra high-definition video with 4K and even 8K resolution is regarded as the next standard, with 4K delivering 2160p format at 3840 x 2160 pixel density. Digital AV signals driving these displays will consume more and more bandwidth as resolution increases, so installing an optimal infrastructure now can eliminate issues in the near future.

HDMI cable alone is not an ideal solution for transmitting higher resolution signals over longer distances. Long HDMI cables are heavy, inflexible, expensive, and difficult to pull. Because of the large connectors, these cables are unfeasible for retrofit or upgrade projects in conduit applications. Pre-terminated multi-conductor runners with active and passive wallplates, another method of AV connectivity, have many of the same issues when delivering high-resolution signals over long distances. Multi-conductor runners are also heavy and inflexible, making them difficult to deploy. They often require longer lead times, are limited by conduit size, and connectors are easily damaged.

Overall, HDMI and multi-conductor runner solutions, while good for shorter lengths, are more expensive and troublesome when used over longer distances, especially when plenum-rated cable is required. For higher resolution over longer distances, HDBaseT™ technology that transmits HDMI signals over category-rated cable delivers the resolution needed for the distance required while minimizing costs, maintaining reliability, and making installation fast and easy.