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Power over Ethernet

High Power PoE - Smart Building Ready

Power over Ethernet

PoE brings important benefits to enterprise networks: it's a smart way to maximize the capabilities, efficiency, and control of your network, while lowering wiring and labor costs. The growing range of PoE enabled devices can have varying power and bandwidth requirements, so it’s important to have the right cabling infrastructure to support these applications.

Cabling for High Power PoE
Typical applications requiring high PoE include wireless access points, PoE lighting, video conferencing systems, and IP security cameras. These devices can require power at 60 watts or higher. This makes Cat 6A cabling a must, and cabling system components should be designed to minimize temperature increases and meet industry standards for performance and construction.

PoE for Smart Devices and IoT
Many more remote intelligent devices are joining the LAN, including a range of building security access controls, thermostats, IP clocks, and fire alarms. These devices typically require lower bandwidth and power — less that 30 watts. Leviton’s PoE optimized Cat 6 and 5e systems with 24 AWG or 23 AWG conductors may be ideal for these applications.

Leviton Solutions

  • Prevent Arcing Damage
    ATLAS-X1™ and EXTREME™ jacks feature PoE-optimized tine geometry that keeps the contact point between the plug and jack away from potential electrical arcing damage that can occur with PoE.
  • Secure, Reliable Connection
    Patented Retention Force Technology offers additional protection against arcing damage, providing constant contact force at the jack/plug interface, preventing inadvertent intermittent disconnects. RFT is available on ATLAS-X1 and EXTREME jacksLearn more about RFT.
  • Better Heat Dissipation
    ATLAS-X1 is the industry's only UTP jack to feature a solid metal body, which dissipates heat 53% more efficiently than plastic alternatives for greater system performance and longevity.
  • Superior Noise-Cancelling and Heat Management
    UTP cable with Leviton-patented Helix technology features a segmented metallic isolation wrap, which radiates heat better than traditional UTP cable, minimizing the cables' temperature rise — ideal for PoE applications.
  • Lead Frame Design
    Our GIGAMAX™ jack features a lead frame design which increases power-carrying capacity and efficiency, while providing improved durability. Learn more.


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