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System Application Score

System Application Score

Scoring our MILLENNIUM™ Copper Systems

The System Application (SA) Score is a proprietary algorithm that delivers a score to effectively illustrate how Leviton network infrastructure protects IP traffic under the stress and strain modern applications encounter in real-world scenarios and rigorous usage.

The score is based on the results of application-based testing for VoIP, video, and data, through a 4-connector, 100‑meter channel. It is the result of quantifying and combining results from three testing components:

  • Data Transmission Test: Ability to transmit data at rates faster than 1 Gb/s to support common applications under real world stress such as video conferencing, internet browsing, and uploading/downloading data from server.
  • PoE Bundle Test: Ability to deliver IEEE 802.3bt PoE Type 4 (90 watts) with minimal heat rise, which has a detrimental effect on application performance.
  • Alien Crosstalk Test: Ability to resist external alien noise that can reduce the robustness of the network performance.

Leviton has developed the SA Score from many years invested in understanding how structured cabling performs in real world applications, ensuring real-world-readiness with high performance reliability that customers can confidently rely on. Our process and procedure is independently UL verified and audited offering extensive application performance assessment, covering data and power performance in ethernet systems.

Only available for MILLENNIUM Cat 6A Copper Systems.