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Data Center Challenges

Data Center Challenges

Every data center has a unique set of priorities.

Higher speeds and bandwidth requirements are driving data center equipment and architecture choices. If you don’t get the physical layer right, everything else is going to suffer. Performance lags, expensive upgrades, and chances of network downtime all increase. From consolidation and cost control to quick deployment and zero downtime, you can count on Leviton to help you solve your data center challenges.

Do more with the space you have.

Many data centers face physical space constraints, with limited room for additional infrastructure. And the large majority of those running out of capacity will make due with the sites they have by consolidating servers and upgrading their facilities' infrastructure.

Leviton can help you create more network capacity:

  • Free up rack space with high-density patch panels and fiber enclosures
  • Patch more than 3,000 fibers in a frame that takes up only one data center tile
  • Rely on our data center specialists to help with infrastructure topology, layout, elevations, and pathways

Deploy networks faster.

Today's data centers must be flexible and scalable, designed for fast deployments and updates. Whether you need to respond to someone else's purchasing decisions or you're planning it all yourself, there are going to be moves, adds, and changes that can derail your day.

Leviton data center solutions can help you connect additional servers quickly and efficiently, from fast turnaround to customized systems built for faster installation.

  • Get next-day shipping on Leviton Premium Series Fiber Patch Cords
  • Install patching faster with snap-in copper and fiber cassettes
  • Rely on pre-terminated connectivity to minimize installation time

Make smart infrastructure investments.

Companies are making more regular data center upgrades and tech refreshes, but they are also thinking more strategically, building clear data center road maps and budgets. Smart infrastructure planning requires keeping capital and operating expenditures in check, and having detailed estimates of total cost of ownership.

Leviton can help you justify data center investments with solutions that deliver a significant, measurable return on infrastructure investment (ROii).

  • Save thousands of dollars per years by minimizing floor space with the HDX Fiber Distribution Frame
  • Reduce time and labor by up to 75 percent with pre-terminated cable assemblies
  • Protect your investment with a limited-lifetime warranty on systems installed by a Leviton certified contractor

Avoid risk and reduce downtime.

Network disruptions are costly. Just the simple act of inadvertently removing the wrong patch cord can lead to huge financial losses. Leviton is dedicated to finding ways to help IT departments mitigate risk and quickly resolve network problems:

  • Monitor network traffic in real time with passive optical TAPs
  • Prevent inadvertent network changes and mistakes with patented locking secure connectivity
  • Get peace-of-mind with products tested and verified by third-party labs to meet performance standards