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HDX Fiber Distribution Frame & Accessories

HDX Fiber Distribution Frame & Accessories

The HDX Fiber Distribution Frame is a main cross-connect or interconnect patching frame for all fiber channels in the data center. One frame consolidates patching into an incredibly small footprint, with capacity for more than 3,168 LC fibers, or 15,552 fibers using 24-fiber MTP® connections.

The system accomplishes such high density through its unique patch deck design. One frame holds 22 decks, each configured with fiber cassettes, adapter plates, or splice trays. And since it occupies only one data center floor tile, it easier than ever to access space beneath a raised floor.

By reducing overall floor space requirements, the HDX Fiber Distribution system creates significant yearly cost savings over a traditional MDA. You can use our helpful ROii Calculator to estimate your long-term savings over standard 19" cabinets or racks.

Since HDX frames can be ganged together and patch cords can route to adjacent frames, the HDX Fiber Distribution system easily handles future data center growth. And by supporting 24-fiber MTP connectivity, the system also offers an ideal migration path to 40G and 100G fiber networks - and beyond.

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ROii Savings Calculator

Calculate your Return on Infrastructure Investment (ROii) when installing the HDX Frame in your Main Distribution Area.

HDX Frame

  • Includes integrated cable management and routing for minimum bend radius, 
    better slack storage, and protection
  • Occupies only one 2-foot square data center tile
  • Lockable rear doors included to protect and conceal trunk cabling
  • Seismic certified to GR-63-CORE, Zone 4, and cULus 2416 Listed


  • Cross-Frame Routing Kit allows off-frame routing of patch cords and trunk cables
  • Optional front doors are transparent on one side and lockable for additional security
  • Cable clamp kits properly secure fiber trunk cable for routing from above or below
  • 2RU deck unit blank plates conceal unused openings in the frame

Patch Deck

  • Modular 3.5" deck accepts up to 144 fibers (using LC) capacity
  • Holds 6 independent sliding and removable trays and accepts up to
    12 MTP® cassettes or adapter plates
  • Magnifying port identification label holders for better visibility
  • Integrated minimum bend radius protection

Splice Deck

  • Modular 3.5" deck accepts up to six 24-fiber splice trays (T5PLS-24F)
  • Three independent sliding trays are removable for ease of splicing
  • Heat-shrink fusion splicing of individual 250 μm or 900 μm
    tight-buffer fibers for up to 144 fibers per deck
  • Mass ribbon fusion splicing available as custom order