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Enterprise Bandwidth Demands

Enterprise Bandwidth Demands

Businesses, hospitals, schools, and government agencies all require higher performance networks and faster speeds to meet today's data demand. At the same time, more IoT enabled and "smart" devices joining the network are placing additional strain on network bandwidth. Leviton copper and fiber cabling solutions are designed for these demanding enterprise networks. Our systems all meet IEEE, TIA, and ISO/IEC requirements for mission critical networks running at 10 Gb/s, and performance has been verified by independent testing labs.

Horizontal Cabling

Category 6A remains the recommended cabling for all new horizontal network installations. It can handle higher data-rate applications at 2.5 Gb/s, 5 Gb/s, and 10 Gb/s, while providing greater alien crosstalk suppression at higher frequencies. These data rates are increasingly required for applications like 4K video streaming in classrooms and conference rooms, medical imaging data transfers in hospitals, and wireless access points in high traffic areas. It’s no surprise that industry standards now recommend installing Cat 6A, and emerging standards like TIA Intelligent Building Systems (TIA-862-C) are expected to require Cat 6A for horizontal cabling to wireless access points.

Backbone Cabling

As bandwidth requirements continue to grow, your fiber backbone needs to be strong enough to support the increased traffic and live through multiple tech refreshes. Whether deploying an interconnect or cross-connect channel, rely on Leviton fiber components for optimal performance from the equipment room to the telecom room. Our OM4 system can transmit 10 Gb/s out to 550 meters, 150 meters farther than standard OM4.