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Decora Strauss Transformer-Free Impedance Matched Volume Control, White


Decora® Strauss Transformer-Free Impedance Matched Volume Control, White. Leviton’s Decora Strauss Transformer-Free and Transformer- Free Impedance Matching Volume Controls, combined with premium installed speakers, can be used to design a no compromise installed multi-room entertainment system that delivers the best reproduction possible from today’s ultra-wide bandwidth digital sources. In multi-room distributed audio systems, the source of undesirable speaker coloration (usually perceived as a “muffled-inch sound) is often the volume control itself, because the audio transformers (AKA: auto formers) used in conventional controls can actually filter the bass and treble frequencies. The Decora Strauss Transformer-Free Volume Controls use audio-grade Cermetile resistors to change volume levels while leaving the audio signal unaffected, resulting in ruler-flat frequency response across the entire audible frequency range. Moreover, the Decora Strauss Transformer-Free Volume Controls eliminate the problem of “saturation-inch associated with conventional volume controls with their ability to instantaneously handle the full peak output power of any consumer-grade amplifier on the market today. The award-winning Decora Strauss Transformer-Free Matching Controls are available in two versions: regular and Impedance-Matching.
UPC Code: 078477290934
Country of Origin : Mexico

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Category : Volume Controls

    Color : White

    Product Line : Decora

    Subcategory : Volume Control

  • The Impedance Matching Volume Control provides for multi-room distribution without the necessity of using external impedance matching devices
  • Adjustable impedance settings enable configuring systems from two-to-six controls
  • Features Decora® slide control with precision 12-positon switch (including full OFF position)
  • Transformer-Free attenuation technology ensures linear frequency response, signal integrity and high power handling ability
  • Cermetile resistors replace conventional autoformers to preserve audio signal purity
  • Detachable cable connector is compatible with all standard speaker wire sizes (14-18 gauge)
  • Decora® designer styling adds an elegant touch to any décor
  • Can be used outdoors when mounted with any compatible Decora® all weather cover
  • Provides the ability to adjust the volume of a pair of stereo speakers within a single listening zone
  • Designed to be mounted in a single-gang wallswitch box
  • Connector type: 0.200” eight pin in-line straight Phoenix plug with screw terminals (included)

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