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Occupancy Sensor with Integrated Photocell, Line Voltage, Dual Relay, Multi-Tech, Ceiling Mount, 2000SF, 120-277V, Extended Range Lens installed, Mid-Range included, Provolt™



Discontinued Product. Occupancy Sensor with Photocell, Provolt™ lighting control, 2 Pole, Line Voltage, 8'-12' Ceiling, Multi-Technology, 2000 sq ft, Daylighting, Auto-Calibration, 120-277V AC/CA 50/60HZ. UL/CE, RoHS & CEC Title 20/24 compliant. Color: White.

The Leviton Provolt™ Dual Relay Occupancy Sensors combine line voltage occupancy sensors and photocells into a self-contained unit. The integrated design alleviates the need for separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring making it a low-cost, efficient energy solution for new construction and retrofits.

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Color: White

UPC Code: 078477642696
Country of Origin : China

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Color : White

    Coverage (Sq.Ft.) : 2000

    Product Line : Provolt

    Sensor Type : Ceiling Mount

    Technology : Multi-Technology PIR/Ultrasonic

  • Electrical Specifications

    Frequency : 50/60Hz

    Voltage : 120-277 VAC

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Neutral Wire Connection : Required

    Relay Type : Dual Relay

  • Standards and Certifications

    Title 24 Compliant : Yes

  • Utilizes sensors which emit non-audible sound waves and sense movement. Any movement within the sensor’s field-of-view causes a shift in the original emitted frequency. The sensor identifies the change as movement and controls light accordingly. U/S models are immune to external ultrasonic signals from other sources such as white-boards delivering uninterrupted performance.
  • Auto-Adapting: Time delay and sensitivity are continually adjusted to occupancy pattern of use
  • Vacancy Sensing Time Outs: (Delayed OFF Timer, Exclusive Walk-through Feature, Time delay and saved settings are protected during power outages and will return to the last known state)
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Industry-exclusive self-configuring local manual switch input: Momentary or maintained switches are supported
  • Presentation Mode allows user to turn lights OFF and keep them OFF while the room is occupied
  • Adjustable Time Delay: 30s, 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min
  • Test Mode for simplified commissioning
  • Manual Switch and Emergency Override are Class 1 or Class 2 circuits. Class 2 circuits provided for flexibility
  • Industry-exclusive “fail-safe” circuitry: In the event of product failure, Return-to-Closed feature causes the relay to default ON which eliminates life safety concerns
  • Industry-exclusive H.I.S. (High Inrush Stability) technology designed to handle today’s high inrush electronic ballast loads and offer unmatched durability and service
  • Robust and reliable mechanically held 10A latching relay provides dependability and robust performance for all load types and provides energy savings over electronically held relays
  • Field of View: Units from 500 to 2000 square feet available
  • Visual LED indicators for all states: (Green - Blinks during U/S detection and is solid during auto-calibration, Yellow - Blinks during test mode; solid with emergency/BMS input, Blue - Blinks when knob settings are changed and during photocell override

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