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A global Cat 6 structured cabling system that features our EXTREME jack and Cat 6 cable, and offers standard 1000BASE-T and 2.5GBASE-T performance and value. MILLENNIUM Systems are global solutions available everywhere.

Recommended for:

  • 1000BASE-T and 2.5GBASE-T network applications
  • Enterprise and intelligent building systems
  • Network applications for commercial, warehousing, and education environments
  • IP-based security and intelligent building systems utilizing UTP cabling
  • Applications optimizing environment sustainability
  • Global enterprises that want high performing Cat 6 systems everywhere

The EXTREME 6 MILLENNIUM Cat 6 UTP system is a patented technology structured cabling system ideal for commercial or enterprise applications that require a compact, high-density design and reduced outside diameter.

The system is backwards compatible with Cat 5e system requirements, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by a Leviton certified Installer.

EXTREME™ Cat 6 Component-Rated QUICKPORT™ Jacks

  • Tested and approved for use in air-handling spaces (plenum rating) in accordance with UL Standard 2043
  • Patented Retention Force Technology protects against tine damage and maintains contact force between plug and jack, preventing arcing from intermittent disconnects in PoE applications
  • Circuit board technology for exceptional high-frequency operation

Modular and Cat 6 110-Style Patch Panels

  • Simple termination and improved cable routing combine with strength and durability
  • QUICKPORT modular panels include high-density options, cable management bars and write-on port blocks
  • 110-style patch panels are component-rated for Cat 6A performance and specially designed for easier, faster terminations


Cat 6 High-Flex and Standard Patch Cords

  • Innovative compact plug and boot design to provide better flexibility, durability, and bend radius.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+) compatible
  • Small OD High-Flex Patch Cords offer flexible, high-density patching


CAT 6 UTP Cable

  • Cost effective entry level Cat 6 solution
  • Provides additional usable bandwidth required for future applications
  • Small, fillerless design reduces environmental impact of product lifecycle and decreases installation and termination times