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IRC Dimming Version, 3 zone, 1 relay, 347VAC


IRC Dimming Version, 3 zone, 1 relay, 347VAC Canadian model, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

The Leviton Integrated Room Control (IRC) combines single room occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, 0-10V dimming, Partial ON, Partial OFF and demand response capabilities into a single, easily installed package. IRC features several methods of Ladderless Commissioning™ for install-and-forget convenience, including the AutoCal™ feature which automatically sets the maximum light output levels and calculates light loss factor for accurate lumen maintenance. The IRC ships as either custom kits or a complete kit with a factory configured occupancy sensor, photocell, and 4-button switch. The 4-button switch provides ON, raise, lower, and OFF functionality. The performance, features, and capabilities of the IRC product provide a simple and cost-effective stand-alone energy management solution to maximize energy efficiency and meet energy code mandates for virtually any commercial room control application.

UPC Code: 078477285718
Country of Origin : United States

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Product Line : IRC

    Product Type : Room Controller

  • Stand-alone simplified daylight harvesting with full range dimming
  • Demand response capabilities
  • 3 zone control for LED lighting
  • 4-button switch available with ON, Bright, Dim and ON/OFF buttons with optional engraving 2 entry stations for individual manual zone control included with 2 zone, 2 relay kit (RCD20-102)
  • CA Title 24 2013 Stairwell Application Control
  • Provides plug load control when paired with OPP20 Super Duty Power Pack
  • Cost-effective energy code compliance
  • Ladderless Commissioning provides install-and-forget convenience
  • Convenient occupancy sensor and photocell integration
  • Autocal automatic photocell target level calibration
  • Accepts external time clock input to provide an OFF Sweep Function or modify the partial OFF function
  • Simplified integration with emergency systems
  • Controls maximum lighting output for additional energy savings potential and Task Tuning
  • Daylight switching, full range 0-10V dimming
  • Partial ON control for initial light level in either manual switch or occupancy sensor auto modes
  • Partial OFF control for minimum continuous light level
  • Adjustable minimum light level shut off value
  • Emergency input drives auxiliary zones to full
  • CA Title 24 2013 Compliant
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant
  • UL and cUL Listed

  • US7501774

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