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GreenMAX® DRC Wireless

Secure, Simple, Scalable Distributed LED Lighting Control Solutions

Intellect-Enabled Fixtures

Intellect-enabled fixtures from Leviton lighting brands offer a broad range of capabilities for a simple out-of-the-box wireless solution.

GreenMAX DRC App

The only setup tool needed—control, commission and manage the system from the palm of your hand.

GreenMAX DRC Wireless Keypad Room Controller

The brain of a system when used with Leviton Intellect™ or Leviton wireless devices in a GreenMAX DRC networked control system. Combines familiar push button control and energy management business logic with no extra wires.

0-10V Wireless Dimmers

Available in 120-277, 347, 24V models.

Load Control Devices

Add to virtually any lamp or fixture for a wireless ON/OFF, 0-10V dimming and phase cut dimming solution.

Wireless Sensor & Photocell

Add wireless occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting with no additional wiring.

GreenMAX DRC Wireless
Commercial Wireless Systems

How it All Comes Together

Secure, Simple, Scalable Solutions

Expand your single-room solution into an entire facility or campus. Simply add additional lighting components, and tie them together into networked zones using the GreenMAX DRC App.

Rooms changing from their initial purposes? New occupants arriving?
No need to redesign your building. Simply add additional sensors, controllers, or other loads, then group them together using the App.

What about security? Will users be able to change settings for the whole facility?
Tamper-free configuration and master controls are protected via a secure encrypted network, meaning occupants and tenants will only have access to control the lights in their own areas.

Simple application rules

  • One Room Controller per room
  • 60 wirelesss network devices per Room Controller
  • Network rooms together via Wi-Fi

GreenMAX DRC Wireless with Intellect-Enabled Fixtures for 2-Zone Plus Daylight Harvesting, Typical

GreenMAX DRC wireless with Intellect enabled fixtures for 2 zone plus daylight harvesting

GreenMAX DRC Wireless 6-Zone with 0-10V Plus Daylighting, Typical

GreenMAX DRC wireless 6 zone with 0-10V plus daylighting

GreenMAX DRC Page - Wireless Components

Leviton Intellect-Enabled LED Lighting Fixtures

GreenMAX DRC Wireless Lighting Control Downloads


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