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The retail industry has experienced various peaks and valleys in recent years. Retail operators are prioritizing the challenges of form vs. function, omni channel, multi-site scalability, buyer behavior, and sustainability. Adopting the latest controls, lighting, electrical, and network solutions can help alleviate the above-changing demands as well as enable the goals of a retail facility, IT, and engineering stakeholders.


Entrance areas benefit from strategic lighting and control, setting the stage with weather-resistant electrical services for outdoor equipment and energy-efficient EV charging, with connectivity for access control and video surveillance.

Perimeter Layout

Store perimeter layouts require focused lighting to highlight merchandise, supported by versatile electrical services for seasonal displays and device charging, enhanced by a network that facilitates interactive customer experiences.

Back Offices

Back offices are optimized with task-based lighting and comprehensive electrical services to support administrative activity, supplemented with network connectivity for modern office applications.

Check-Out/POS Lighting

Check-out/POS areas call for precise lighting for clarity and efficiency with uninterrupted power and network reliability for card readers, scanners, and registers to operate seamlessly.

Cooled Spaces

Manage lighting schedules for light-sensitive products and regulate temperature with heated lighting. Control power appliances like air conditioning and misting systems via a network-connected operating system.


Restrooms are equipped with energy-efficient lighting, GFCI-protected power for safety, and network connectivity that supports sensor-based automation of washroom consumables, digital signage, and in-room audio applications.


Storerooms demand efficient lighting for safety and operational effectiveness, with appropriate network and power to enable scanning, order entry, lifting, weighing, and repackaging equipment alongside real-time inventory management systems.

Shared Amenities

Shared spaces benefit from controlled ambient lighting, smart utility management through submetering, and a centralized network for public Wi-Fi, security, digital signage, and connecting vending machines into common areas.

Floor Displays

Floor Displays demand impactful lighting to drive purchase decisions, with robust power solutions for flexible and engaging product presentations, optimizing operational efficiency and customer appeal.


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gasketed wallplate

An Extra Level of Protection

Our stainless steel gasketed wallplate creates a tighter seal against the wall. Reduce liquid intrusion. Reduce air seepage.

Medical Grade Power Strips With Load Monitoring Inform Technology

These devices monitor the load of connected devices so that you don't have to, eliminating the need for manual calculation.  When the NFPA 99 load limit has been exceeded, a line-of-sight LED activates.  It's a simple, efficient, and convenient way to improve code compliance and electrical safety in healthcare facilities. 

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Inform Medical Grade Strips

Hospital Grade Testing

Our line of Hospital Grade electrical wiring devices have passed various demanding UL Hospital Grade tests.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Lockout/tagout is consistently one of the top 10 cited OSHA violations year after year. Our products feature OSHA compliant solutions to aid in proper LOTO procedures to keep electrical safety top of mind and pass inspection.

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