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The hotel industry is continuously evolving to meet the changing demands of guest experience. Hospitality building managers are prioritizing the challenges of brand standards, integration, sustainability, connectivity, and compliance objectives. Adopting the latest controls, lighting, electrical, and network solutions can help alleviate the above-changing demands as well as enable the goals of hotel facility, IT, and engineering stakeholders.


Hotel exteriors require well-lit areas for guest safety, outdoor power for Electric Vehicle and Equipment Charging, and network connectivity for video surveillance and access control.


Hotel Lobbies call for lighting for a welcoming guest experience, high availability of power for device charging, and sufficient connectivity for Wi-Fi, AV, and visitor check-in applications.

Dining Areas/Bars

Hotel dining areas demand decorative lighting that balances comfort with function, available power, and network connectivity to enable a hybrid guest work environment.


Hotel restrooms use lighting to promote cleanliness, ensuring visibility, while elevating ambiance. This area demands guest safety using GFCI electrical devices, occupancy, vacancy, and humidity sensors with automated on/off control.

Elevator Areas

High traffic areas in hotels stipulate an appropriate level of illumination for safe egress, managed power for off-peak periods and connectivity to support network-based building management systems.

Guest Rooms

Hotel guest rooms benefit from lighting to ensure a comfortable, calm, and stress-free experience, power to support personal device charging and connectivity for Wi-Fi, IPTV and networked access control.

Event Spaces

Hotel event spaces involve specific lighting controls to create a dynamic, flexible and customizable space. Sufficient electrical and network capacity to cater for both small and large scale events.


Hotel offices require lighting that enhances attentiveness, productivity, and motivation, with availability of adequate power and network connectivity to support both permanent and visiting hotel staff.


Hotel operational spaces dictate task-based lighting for high-traffic areas such as meal preparation, laundry, and maintenance. Surge-protected code-compliant power for critical equipment exposed to moisture, abuse and high-traffic conditions.


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gasketed wallplate

An Extra Level of Protection

Our stainless steel gasketed wallplate creates a tighter seal against the wall. Reduce liquid intrusion. Reduce air seepage.

Medical Grade Power Strips With Load Monitoring Inform Technology

These devices monitor the load of connected devices so that you don't have to, eliminating the need for manual calculation.  When the NFPA 99 load limit has been exceeded, a line-of-sight LED activates.  It's a simple, efficient, and convenient way to improve code compliance and electrical safety in healthcare facilities. 

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Inform Medical Grade Strips

Hospital Grade Testing

Our line of Hospital Grade electrical wiring devices have passed various demanding UL Hospital Grade tests.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Lockout/tagout is consistently one of the top 10 cited OSHA violations year after year. Our products feature OSHA compliant solutions to aid in proper LOTO procedures to keep electrical safety top of mind and pass inspection.

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