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Winery Solutions For Every Environment

Grape harvesting in Italy

Processing Area Solutions

Mechanical Interlocks

LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks incorporate a safety disconnect switch and an IEC receptacle in a non-metallic watertight enclosure. The interlock mechanism prevents the making and breaking of power under load. Devices with Inform Technology feature local and remote monitoring. By integrating IIoT technology, users can identify disturbances that can impact machine performance and minimize unplanned downtime.

Disconnect Switches

Powerswitch® safety disconnect switches, available in stainless steel and non-metallic versions, are designed for superior performance and built to withstand the rigors of harsh environments.

Grouping of Safety Disconnect Switches

Power Connections For Every Application

Our Watertight Devices In Action!

Watch how Leviton helped Gielow Pickles minimize downtime and improve productivity with watertight Powerswitch® Safety Disconnects Switches and LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks, all IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K rated for high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns.

Tasting Room Solutions

Providing your customers with the latest charging requirements, and you with energy savings.

Providing your customers with the latest charging requirements, and you with energy savings.

Grouping of Antimicrobial Devices

Antimicrobial Treated Devices

A collection of antimicrobial treated wiring devices that keep the surfaces of switches and wallplates cleaner.

Floor Boxes

A Complete Solution for Power, Data & AV

Leviton floor box located in crowded airport

Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

Receptacles Grouping

A Receptacle For Every Application

Choose from the broadest offering of safe and reliable receptacle outlets in the industry.

Parking Solutions

The Complete Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charger plugged into car in driveway


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