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Black & White®

Industrial Grade Wiring Devices

Black and White Plug and Connector in Factory

Our Black & White line of industrial grade plugs, connectors, flanged inlets and outlets offer superior performance, long-lasting reliability and features that are backed by a lifetime warranty. Available in NEMA and non-NEMA configurations, there's a connection for every application.

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Black & White Features & Benefits
  1. For instant assurance that the device is energized
  2. Nylon housing with superior V2 flammability rating per UL 94
  3. Single piece external cord clamp assures secure wire connection
  4. Captive triple head assembly screws have quick drive feature to speed installation
  5. Part number indicated on clamp for easy identification when in use
  6. Wider ribs on housing allow for better gripping

Plugs & Connectors Built To Last!

Lifetime Warranty!

Our commitment to quality is signified with an industry exclusive lifetime warranty. (Excludes Power Indication SKUs)

Black and White Devices Warranty
Made in North America

These heavy duty plugs and connectors are proudly Made in North America.

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One-Piece Contacts

Formed from single piece of solid brass to reduce friction and overheating.

Black and White Contacts

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