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Health Care IT Infrastructure

Hospitals and other health care providers increasingly rely on networked electronics to maintain data, patient records, and medical information. More than ever, health care infrastructures are burdened by exploding data storage, stringent security regulations and ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. This white paper provides:

This white paper covers:

  • Key insight and strategy for not only meeting today's data requirements, but those on the evolving horizon as well
  • Network drivers in medical applications
  • Standardization for the healthcare environment


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Hospitals and other healthcare providers face the daunting challenge of managing information. As patient records, diagnostic information, and even the operating theater increasingly rely on networked electronics, the amount of data that must be created, transmitted, managed, and stored has grown dramatically. In addition, regulations requiring high levels of data security to protect patient privacy add an additional layer of complexity to information management.

Network Drivers in Medical Applications

Digital Connectivity
Medical equipment is becoming more and more digital. A clear example is the X-ray, now both filmless and digital. One benefit of this digitalization is the ability of equipment to be interconnected and IP networked so information can be moved and shared. An X-ray film is discrete; a digital X-ray can be transmitted to any number of other pieces of equipment, from the radiology department computer to locations anywhere in the world. Soon, nearly everything that happens in a hospital will require a network connection.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
While the vast majority of medical recordkeeping is already computerized, the push for universal and uniform records is viewed as an important step to cost control and better patient care. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) initiative has a goal of creating a single digital structure for all medical records to ensure compatibility in creating and accessing patient records. As EMRs contain a single repository for a patient’s complete medical history, storage requirements grow.

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