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Environmental Compliance

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Environmental Compliance

Leviton operates its facilities in an environmentally responsible manner that are in accordance with or exceed applicable statutory and international law and standards. Where possible, Leviton uses sustainable energy solutions in its manufacturing and distribution processes, producing environmentally and consumer-friendly products. Moreover, Leviton strives to create a more sustainable world via our employees, eco-friendly product design, procedures, and best practices. Leviton is committed to sustainability, manufacturing products, and providing training and education on sustainable solutions that help businesses reduce their energy consumption, save on costs, and decrease their carbon footprints.

Company Statements on Compliance

Conflict Mineral Statement

REACH Statement

Leviton Code of Conduct

RoHS Certificates on Leviton.com

RoHS certificates are now available directly on Leviton.com.  Search for the item and Click the “Yes” next to RoHS compliant on the specific product’s webpage to generate a RoHS certificate for that item.  If you do not see this for the item in question, please reach out to a Leviton representative.

More information regarding the RoHS directives can be found here.

Environmental Compliance RoHS

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