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Partner with Leviton | Expert Spotlight

Kira Schmidt | M&V Sales Specialist

Kira Schmidt is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional and LEED AP. She has over 15 years of experience in the energy submetering and energy management sector and can assist finding the best submetering solution for your project.

Kira Schmidt | M&V Sales Specialist

Partner with Kira for all your submetering solutions in in Colorado, mid-central and southern central portions of the US.

“Kira’s knowledge of the product line was the key to a great customer experience. She was able to explain the ins and outs of her system and helped pitch the solution to the engineering and design team...”

  –Brock Christy, Trio Electric

"Kira is my go-to representative, she has the passion and relentlessness to help with whatever submetering requirements the owner or codes demand. She is very responsive and articulate in the world of ever-changing submetering requirements..."

  –Stephen Lingen, Jordan & Skala Engineers