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Electronic Data Interchange

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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, simply defined, is the electronic transfer of documents from business to business. Leviton supports all major transactions to provide an efficient exchange of B2B documents with its trading partners.

Benefits of transacting business via EDI with Leviton

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve accuracy
  • Synchronize pricing as well as product data
  • Increase efficiencies realized through the order entry and AP/AR processes
  • Reduce paper

Benefits of some of our most widely used documents

EDI 850 (Purchase Order)

  • Split order to multiple locations
  • Place orders using shipment release dates
  • Expedited shipping options
  • Drop Shipments
  • Automated pricing/quote resolution

EDI 810 (Outbound Invoice)

  • No snail mail!- invoices delivered same day as shipment
  • Payment terms included
  • Complete invoice accuracy

EDI 856 (Advance Ship Notice)

  • Includes carton weight & piece count
  • UCC-128 label information
  • Small Parcel tracking info
  • Delivery date included

All EDI Documents Supported By Leviton
810-Invoice 820-Remittance Advice 844-Request for Credit
845-Pricing 849-Credit Response 850-Purchase Order
852-Product Activity/POS 855-Purchase Order Acknowledgement
856-Advance Ship Notice 997-Functional Acknowledgement

For more information on Leviton's EDI program: contact Leviton's e-commerce team