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Data Synchronization

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Were you aware that thousands of hours and millions of dollars are spent each year in the business world trying to resolve discrepancies caused by mis-matched and out-of-synch data? Eliminate inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and errors by getting your data in sync with Leviton today! Email Leviton’s e-Commerce team to inquire about how to start synching your data, and experience some of these great business benefits.

  • Save on purchase order and invoice errors due to outdated information
  • Save manpower hours by eliminating labor-intensive processes
  • Speed up time to market with quick access to accurate product data
  • Reduce inbound freight costs
  • Reduce the number of out of stocks

To learn more about partnering with Leviton in driving costs out your transactions and improving your data quality: contact Leviton's e-commerce team