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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
As a source of information for inside, outside sales and customers alike, mobile apps play an important role in every aspect of our business today. Below are a few of our must-have mobile applications every distributor should be passing along to their customers. Download, review and share the selections below with your colleagues and customers.

Captain Code - NEC

National Electrical Code® (NEC®) compliance is paramount for all electrical professionals as noncompliance can mean costly rework and lost productivity.

The best solution for staying current on the NEC is the New Leviton Captain Code® App.

This easy to use, information tool is searchable by market vertical, or article number. The App allows you to quickly identify and review code changes as it draws from three perspectives to provide clear and comprehensive Code data:

Contains code cycles from 2023, 2020, 2017 and 2014
Actual NEC text extracted directly from the NFPA 70 document.
Clear Analysis from recognized Code scholars.
Manufacturers input (Leviton) to further explain Code intent and identify specific solutions for compliance

The Captain Code App includes photos and illustrations to complement the text and enable readers to quickly comprehend the NEC's intent.

The App is intended for use by Electrical Contractors, Electrical Inspectors, Specification Engineers, MRO's and all electrical professionals.

Download the Leviton Captain Code App today and see how easy it can be to keep up with the Code!

Leviton 2 Go

Stay connected to Leviton solutions and products using your mobile device, tablet or computer.

The Leviton 2 Go app allows you to search through over 25,000 Leviton products, get dimmer and bulb compatibility results, utilize our competitor cross reference tool, view downloadable PDF's, get instant live Leviton news notifications and more.

Register on the app to customize your experience based on unique business interests. Receive targeted updates, news and product information that is relevant to you and easily share this information with colleagues, project managers, family or friends.

Leviton Library

The Leviton Library app is the smart choice for accessing the digital versions of all of Leviton's catalogs, right from your tablet and smartphone.

You can access all of Leviton's 25,000+ products – including electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, electric vehicle chargers, energy management systems, and security and automation applications – with a simple swipe! Perfect for contractors and electrical professionals making decisions at residential, commercial or industrial locations, the Leviton Library app provides you with seamless navigation through all of Leviton's product offerings – easily grouped by product families or by application.

Easily searchable
Pinch, Zoom and Swipe for easy browsing
One touch sharing via email or social media
Each catalog or brochure can be downloaded to your device for offline viewing
Product links from the app to Leviton.com