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Electrical Tech Tips

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Quick technology reference guide for troubleshooting electrical problems and electrical repairs.

Weather Related Emergency Preparedness

There’s no better time than the present to prepare yourself for storm season and unexpected natural disasters. Learn how to best prepare and recover from storm electrical and safety related issues.

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Residential Living Room with lighting controls

Easily Add Lighting Controls to New and Old Homes with Leviton’s Green Flex Sleeve

Leviton’s Innovative Green Flex Sleeve on our sensor and humidity sensor switches is designed for homes that may not have a neutral wire in the wallbox. Leave the green sleeve on and wire to ground in homes with no neutral wiring or remove the green sleeve and connect to a neutral wire if present in the wallbox. A ground wire is required for installation. Now any home, older or newer, can enjoy the benefits of Leviton Lighting Controls.

Electrical Audit Checklist

Many electrocutions and electrical fires can be prevented by recognizing the warning signs and taking immediate action to resolve issues. Use this electrical audit checklist to remind yourself of the signs and help educate homeowners on the best ways to monitor and identify these issues on their own.

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