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Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport

Flying High - A Major Airport Expansion

Profile: Malaga Airport

Industry: Transportation/Aviation

Location: Malaga, Spain

Challenge: The fourth busiest airport in Spain sought a high performing network infrastructure with excellent management capabilities to track real time usage along with moves, adds, and changes.

Solution: Leviton Cat 6A and Cat 6 connectivity with SmartPatch™ Intelligent Infrastructure Management System (IIMS)

Malaga Airport serves the surrounding area of Andalusia and the coastal Costa del Sol resorts providing an important gateway to the region for travelers from Europe and the rest of the world. With over 13 million passengers and 120,000 flights each year, Malaga is the fourth busiest airport in Spain.

To support the continued growth, a major program of building works was undertaken at the airport to provide new terminals, fast train links and hotel accommodation.

As part of the expansion, the airport spent in excess of $1 million on a new network infrastructure. Malaga Airport operates a highly complex data network that is critical for the smooth operation of this important transportation hub.

Following extensive research, airport management group AENA standardized on a SmartPatch™ Intelligent Infrastructure Management System (IIMS) from Leviton. When assessing the options for Malaga Airport, it was decided to combine the SmartPatch system with the reliability and scalability of a Leviton Cat 6 and Cat 6A network infrastructure solution.

SmartPatch is a highly advanced overlay system that gives network managers real-time views of the network connectivity and utilization. In addition, the system provides an easy-to-use interface to the control, management and recording of common network changes including office moves and terminal additions. From a central location, network administrators can effectively configure, manage and maintain the network to ensure optimum performance. SmartPatch also brings intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) to the network, further enhancing the already robust and reliable Leviton cabling infrastructure.

Together with manageability and visibility Malaga Airport now has a network infrastructure that meets the stringent audit guidelines and European regulations ensuring compliance and accountability.

Leviton solutions were chosen for their performance, flexibility and scalability and for the excellent 25-year system warranty. Specially designed for complex, mission-critical data environments, such as airports, the Leviton Cat 6A cabling range is flexible and robust and has been proven to work well in challenging situations.

The choice of a Leviton network infrastructure with SmartPatch is already paying dividends, freeing IT staff at Malaga Airport from everyday routine network chores, and allowing them to concentrate on the more strategic areas of IT work required by the expanding airport.

Leviton has provided Malaga Airport with a robust, reliable, scalable and manageable infrastructure that will meet its needs as a growing European airport, ensuring that it continues to deliver the high level of service expected by the 13 million passengers who pass through it each year.

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