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Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solutions

SMARTPATCH Intelligent Systems
At the core of any IT Service Management framework are processes for configuration, change, and incident management. It is vital to maintain accurate and timely information to ensure the effectiveness and quality of these efforts.

SMARTPATCH provides simple and controlled management and recording of common network changes such as those resulting from office moves and terminal additions. The system also gives multisite businesses the tools to effectively monitor and manage all sites from a central location.

Available to customers in Europe and the Middle East.


Real time monitoring, maintenance and control over all Physical Connectivity. Know what happens in your network and when.


Network, asset, helpdesk and facilities management systems, to keep track of your complete network investment.


Full visibility and history of all moves, adds and changes and detailed records of all incidents affecting the physical infrastructure.


Powerful reporting and search capability enables better utilization of the installed network capacity.


Compatible with most IT Service Management tools and databases, and a broad range of copper and fiber optics connectivity systems. SMARTPATCH is a modular-based system which provides the flexibility and support required to efficiently meet business needs.


Operates on multiple network/database platforms and supports Change, Configuration and Incident Management Processes for easy integration with existing systems. Utilizing SMARTPATCH to automatically provision services within a standard office environment could improve change efficiency (and reduce cost) by 40% or more.


Human intervention is the number one reason for network infiltration and failure. Get quick and automated updates for fault identification, port changes, and disconnects. SMARTPATCH manages and tracks every interaction with your physical network to minimize downtime and prevent intrusion.

System Components

Advanced Scanner Hardware

Communicates with the SMARTPATCH software

Advanced Scanner Hardware
Intelligent Copper Panels

Records network patching status

Copper Panels
Intelligent Fiber Panels

Support multimode or single-mode fiber cabling

Fiber Panels
Copper and Fiber Cords

Communicates the physical connection

Copper and Fiber Cords