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Hyatt Hotel

L&C Case Study of Hyatt Hotel
Mississauga, Ontario
A lighting control system from Leviton has helped create a unique and luxurious experience for guests at Hyatt Place in Mississauga.

The Challenge

The headquarters of Hyatt Hotel and Leviton being located in the United States, both companies knew each other and having done business in the past with lighting controls. Satisfied with Leviton’s solutions, this leading global hospitality company asked our Canadian team for lighting controls in one of their hotels located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Our specialists first met the owner of the hotel and a Consulting Engineer firm. On site, they discussed the different needs to control the lighting in the Main Hotel Lobby and the Luxe Convention Center. The client engaged two electrical contractors, one to take care of the hotel while the second take care of the convention center.

The Installation

We were able to provide support to both electrical contractors before the installation, then coordinate with lighting suppliers and provide support during the installation and the commission. Our different specialist went on-site to help at every step of the project.

The Solution

The solution was to install our Sapphire touch screen and Power extenders for the Main Hotel Lobby, occupancy sensors in various spaces of the hotel and dimensions control system to control lighting which could be split into 4 individual spaces.

• Sapphire touch screen (TS007) Main Lobby of the Hotel

• Sapphire touch screen (TS007) behind the Bar

• Two Dimensions Controllers (D4206) in Meeting Rooms in the hotel.

• Dimensions Controllers (D4206 + D4006) in each of the four areas of Luxe Convention Center

The hotel owner wanted to keep control of the lighting controls by placing them in the management room and behind the bar. In this way, his team could manage needs easily with all the necessary features. The owner and his team were impressed with the Leviton solution. The strength of our products is the fact that they are very versatile, adapting to the specific needs of each room.


Maintain flexible control interfaces to meet multiple lighting space requirements and deliver a customer centric experience in a hospitality application. Sapphire provides a customizable graphical user interface for the easy system integration of multiple Leviton lighting control products. This allows staff to control the lighting to enhance guest experiences and set scenes to create mood lighting.