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Patch Panels

for Customers in Europe and Middle East

EMEA Patch Panels

Choose Leviton for all your patch panel needs.

Our e2XHD high-density panels make patching easier than ever, using snap-in copper and fiber cassettes. Other popular styles include the 1RU 48-port, component-rated Cat 6 110-style, and Snap-In Jack solutions. Additional unshielded, shielded, and angled styles round out the industry's largest selection of patch panels.

  • Punchdown panels, including flat and angled, work well in almost any application
  • QUICKPORT™ panels allow you to mix voice, data, video, and audio in a single panel
  • Snap-In-Jack panels modular design accept QuickPort and Plus jacks
  • e2XHD high density panels simplify installation and improve cable routing

Voice Grade Panels