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IIoT Solutions For Smart Facilities

Enabling Safer, More Productive Operations

Inform Technology
Inform Disconnect and Inform App

What is Inform Technology?

Inform is a conditioning-monitoring technology that enables Leviton devices to provide real-time data to the end-user, improving safety, efficiency, and productivity. Inform can easily be integrated with other IIoT and predictive maintenance solutions, enabling smarter, safer facilities.

How does it work?

Sensors are embedded into Leviton's industrial switches and monitor critical device data. This can be viewed on the device via LEDs, or remotely 24/7 via mobile or desktop devices.

Inform LEDs and App
24/7 Local and Remote Monitoring - 24/7 access to device data including liquid accumulation, enclosure temperature and humidity, line and load side voltage values, ground continuity and more. View data locally across the facility from your home and anywhere in between

Improve safety through sensors

Understanding what is going on inside your Leviton electrical devices without having to open them can improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Inform technology notifies you BEFORE liquid intrusion can cause costly damage.

Seamlessly integrate Inform into your existing automation system

Leviton Industrial switches with Inform Technology are more than just a standalone solution. They can easily be integrated into your existing automation system to provide a complete IIoT solution for smart manufacturing.

Gateways provide a path to accommodate any communication protocol. Determining which one you need is easy – just let us know which PLC/PAC your facility uses, and we will get back to you with the recommended solution.

Grace Technologies
Grace Technologies Logo

Use Case Scenario with Grace Technologies

Integrating Inform with Grace Technologies' Predictive Maintenance system provides a comprehensive array of plant-wide insights available 24/7, making your maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive. This means that in addition to the insights provided by Inform, users can access insights provided by Grace, including vibration and temperature monitoring.

Designed to improve safety. Quickly identify if your devices are energized from a distance. Allows for faster troubleshooting when there is a power problem with connected equipment


Inform Technology: Overview
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Inform Technology: How It Works


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