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Integrating Inform™ Technology With Other Predictive Maintenance Systems

Utilizing both Grace and Inform, you receive a comprehensive array of plant-wide insights available 24/7, making your maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive. These insights can be shared and viewed simultaneously on existing automation systems, including CMMS, SCADA, and DCS.

Inform and Grace Technologies - 24/7

The GraceSense™ Predictive Maintenance System is a suite of wireless smart devices that prevent unplanned downtime through advanced analytics for machine health. The Predictive Maintenance System continuously monitors vibration & temperature and communicates data to provide:


maintenance through data driven insights

Grace - Safer


devices that unlock proactive decisions

Grace - Smarter


teams empowered by integrated technologies

Grace - Productive

About Grace Technologies®

Grace Technologies® has been making maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive for over thirty years. Their innovations with GracePort® panel interface connectors and GracePESDs® voltage presence and absence testing devices have made them a pioneer in the advancement of electrical safety. Now their GraceSense™ predictive maintenance smart devices are unlocking new potentials for Industry 4.0.

Broken Cog
We recently debuted our GraceSense collaboration with Leviton and received a very warm reception at Automation Fair 2021...We're excited to share this smart monitoring system partnership with Grace and Leviton customers to provide the best of what both our worlds have to offer. -Drew Allen President & CEO, Grace Technologies

Check out the demonstration that debuted at Automation Fair!

The power of collaboration – stop unplanned downtime in its tracks!

Your critical assets may suffer unexpected downtime at one point, so it’s important to get actionable information about potential problems into the hands of maintenance personnel as quickly as possible. 

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