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Wet & Damp Locations

Watertight, Weather-Resistant & Corrosion-Resistant Wiring Devices

Wet and damp locations require special attention due to the impact of moisture with regard conductivity and corrosion. In addition to requirements for GFCI protection for personnel, wiring devices used in these areas must meet specific testing criteria to ensure the integrity of electrical connections in moisture-laden environments.

Codes & Standards

The rules covering wet and damp locations are rather extensive and detailed. A condensed version of these rules appear below.


1910.303(b)(6) and 1926.432(a)(1) – Deteriorating Agents: Unless identified for use in the operating environment, no conductors or equipment shall be located in damp or wet locations…

2017 NFPA 70

Article 110.11 – Deteriorating Agents: Unless identified for use in the operating environment, no conductors or equipment shall be located in damp or wet locations…

Article 406.9 – Receptacles in Wet or Damp Locations: All 15 A and 20 A, 125 V and 250 V receptacles for both damp and wet locations are required to a listed weather-resistant type...

OSHA code example - portable gfci plugged into outlet

Damp Location

Locations protected from weather and not subject to saturation with water or other liquids but subject to moderate amounts of moisture. Outdoor locations include partially protected canopies, roofed open porches and the like. Indoor locations include areas such as basements, barns and cold-storage facilities.

Wet parking garage with puddles

Wet Location

Installations underground or in concrete slabs or masonry in direct contact with the earth; in locations subject to saturation such as vehicle washing areas and locations unprotected from weather.

Man cleaning cow pen

Leviton Solutions

These devices will help you meet the provisions specified by OSHA, NFPA 70E: The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, and NFPA 70: The National Electrical Code (NEC).

Weather- & Corrosion-Resistant Receptacles

  • Weather-Resistant devices are performance tested with a UV exposure test, cold impact test, and accelerated aging test to ensure reliable performance in wet and damp environments; Corrosion-Resistant devices also include salt-fog testing to simulate marine and similarly corrosive environments


Weather Resistant and GFCI Receptacles
Wetguard Product Grouping

Wetguard® Watertight Devices

  • Comprehensive collection of straight blade and locking plugs, connectors, inlets, outlets, device covers, and FD Boxes
  • Watertight and dust-tight rated; suitable for washdown environments


Rhino-Hide® Rough Service Devices

  • A submersible, watertight and dust-tight line that raises the bar for industrial grade NEMA configured devices
  • ABS certified for marine applications
  • Threaded connections prevent unintentional disconnection, even in environments subject to severe vibration


Rhino-Hide NEMA Devices
IEC60309 Pin and Sleeve Devices, LEV Series

IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices

  • Plugs, connectors, inlets, outlets and mechanical interlocks for industrial purposes
  • Watertight rated to IP67 and IP69K
  • Rugged PBT housings for maximum corrosion protection and superior resistance to impact and temperature extremes