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On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Anticipating Cat 8 | Webinar

Plan for 25/40GBASE-T Networks Today

Category 8 cabling systems and 25/40GBASE-T solutions have arrived. It's impressive that the same twisted-pair cabling and RJ-45 interface that delivered 10 Mb/s 15 years ago still play an important role in next generation networks. But where will Cat 8 be deployed? How will it be tested? Even if Cat 8 is not part of your immediate strategy, it is important to anticipate future tech refreshes in your current network infrastructure design. 

This webinar will cover four key areas:

  • Overview: Learn the purposes for Cat 8 and 25/40GBASE-T and the new standards that define it.
  • Practical applications: See how Cat 8 will be used in common data center topologies.
  • Comparing alternatives: Get a comparison of direct attach copper (DAC) and fiber to Cat 8.
  • Testing standards and procedures: Learn the steps for testing Cat 8 and 25/40GBASE-T, as well as the similarities and differences between Cat 8 testing and other category-rated cabling applications.

Watch this on-demand webinar, co-delivered by Leviton and Fluke, and come away with a solid understanding of Category 8 and its benefits.