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Recall Information

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The ground, hot or neutral wire wells, or terminals, on certain units of Leviton’s 50 Amp Non-NEMA plugs, connectors, receptacles and inlets sold between May 1 and December 9, 2019 were incorrectly marked, posing a potential shock hazard. The terminal markings on the recalled devices are pad printed with white letters, to correspond with the wiring in 3 or 4 wire circuits. (An example of the printed terminal markings on a 4 wire plug is shown below.)  The manufacturing issue, which was identified and corrected in December 2019, created a risk that voltage may be applied to the neutral (W) or ground (G) terminals.

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This voluntary recall involves 50 Amp, Non-NEMA connectors, plugs, receptacles and inlets manufactured between May 1 and December 9, 2019.  The recall only includes units of the following catalog numbers that are marked with specific date codes and do not have a blue dot on the package and the device indicating that it was inspected by Leviton and confirmed to be properly marked: 

50A Recall Part Numbers

Product date codes can be found on the box label and on the product itself. Affected date codes are identified below: 

50A Date Code

No. A small percentage of units were mismarked.  In an abundance of caution, we are including in the voluntary recall all catalog numbers that were manufactured during the specified manufacturing date range.

Typically, Leviton’s 50 Amp Non-NEMA attachment devices are sold through the electrical distribution sales channel to the trade or to OEMs.

The majority of Leviton’s 50 Amp Non-NEMA attachment devices are sold in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Any unit within the recall scope should be returned to Leviton and cannot be resold unless it has a blue dot on the package and the device indicating that it was inspected by Leviton and confirmed to be properly marked. 

For devices within the recall scope that have been installed, we have created a detailed document to help you verify if the device is mismarked. Please refer to the Inspection Procedure. If an installed device has been confirmed through this inspection process to be properly marked, it does not need to be returned and is safe to use.

Please contact us toll-free at 877-978-2032 from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET or by email at gorrigo@leviton.com for assistance in inspecting and, if necessary, replacing installed devices that are within the recall scope.

If you do NOT have a Leviton account number, please return the product to your supplier.  If you do have a Leviton account number, call the dedicated Leviton Tech Line at 877-978-2032 or email gorrigo@leviton.com

All production before May 1, 2019, and after December 9, 2019, is correctly marked and thus is excluded from the recall.  Additionally, Leviton inspected all potentially affected units within in its inventory, as well as returns by customers, to confirm the terminals on such units were marked correctly.  Correctly marked units from Leviton's inventory and customer returns have been flagged with a blue dot on the product and the packaging (as shown below) and are safe to use.

50A Blue Markings

We will make every effort to ship replacements as quickly as possible, but the higher volume items may be slightly delayed.

Yes.  Leviton is voluntarily recalling the affected devices in cooperation with the CPSC.

Leviton will support reasonable labor charges to inspect and replace, if necessary, installed devices that are affected by this voluntary recall. Please obtain receipts and contact Greg Orrigo (Leviton Tech Line) on the dedicated toll-free number 877-978-2032.