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Leviton Captain Code


Get With The Code

Get with the Code! Leverage the Captain Code Promotion to Add Value to Your Customers!

Every 3 years the National Electrical Code™ is revised and electrical professionals need to know what changed to avoid failed inspections and costly rework. Electrical distributors can leverage the Captain Code promo to provide the solution and boost sales of Code solution products.

The 2023 Captain Code program is the most current, but for those areas that are just now adopting the 2020 or 2017 NEC, we are also offering 2020 and 2017 Captain Code promotions.

The promotion offers distributors an eye-catching counter easel that includes a take-one pouch containing the Captain Code booklets. Customers see the display, purchase a Leviton product, and the counterperson hands them a FREE Captain Code Guide.

For more information on running the Captain Code Promotion at your location, contact your local Leviton representative or request it yourself by filling out the Captain Code order form at: Leviton.com/CaptainCodeOrderForm