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Paperless Solutions

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Leviton has several ways to help you go green by ridding yourself of paper transactions and documents that can clutter your business!

*Customers who receive their invoices and/or ASNs via EDI are excluded from receiving emails with the exception of RMA Letters.


  • Receive invoices within 24 hours of order shipment

*Receive your invoices via email in PDF format    


  • Receive Return Authorization Letters (RMA) within 24 hours of approval


  • Receive your Advanced Ship Notifications via email in PDF format
  • Advance notice of what has shipped before the shipment arrives
  • PDF also includes tracking numbers

*You can receive your ASN's via email 

B2B Site Registration

  • Price Lists and Quotes - The new B2B Customer Portal now enables users to download current and future price lists.
  • Search Bar Results - From just a quick search, users will have access to complete product line information (in addition to price and availability).
  • Returns:
    • Return Material Authorization Letters (RMAs) can be obtained from the B2B portal
    • Return status can be viewed in the B2B portal
  • Invoices  - Invoice copies can be obtained from the B2B portal.
  • Order History - Customers looking to reorder product can now search their ordering history to find specific orders and all of the associated information such as tracking, invoices, and the individual items.