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National Electrical Code®

Captain Code identifies the key changes to the NEC® no matter which Code cycle you’re on.

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Keeping up with the National Electrical Code® is mission critical for Electrical Contractors and all electrical professionals.

As the NEC® is revised every three years you need to know what changed, how it impacts your work and what the appropriate product solutions are for compliance.

The Solution… Leviton’s Captain Code Program.  Leviton has partnered with the NFPA® and recognized Code scholar James Stallcup to provide quality Code analysis.

The Captain Code materials are made available in 3 ways for 4 Code cycles. The App is designed for mobile use and downloadable to your smart phone or tablet.  The Web Portal enables you to search by vertical, Code article or product solution. The Captain Code Guides are downloadable PDF documents that read like a book, and starting with the 2023 Edition, are available in both English and Spanish.

Choose the one that works best for you.

The App

Avoid costly rework and lost productivity. Conveniently carry answers to National Electrical Code® (NEC®) questions right in your pocket.

The Captain Code App is an easy to use tool is searchable by market vertical, product number, or article number. It allows you to quickly identify and review code changes as it draws from three perspectives to provide clear and comprehensive Code data:

  • Contains Code cycles from 2023, 2020, 2017 and 2014
  • Actual NEC text extracted directly from the NFPA 70
  • Clear analysis from recognized Code scholars
  • Manufacturers input (Leviton) to further explain Code intent and identify key product solutions for compliance.

This App is intended for use by Electrical Contractors, Electrical Inspectors, Specification Engineers, MRO's and all electrical professionals.

Phone with Captain Code App

The Web Portal

The Leviton Captain Code Portal provides NEC® content beyond a basic listing of Code changes. First, it allows you to search by Code Article, Product Solution or by Application. You can also view the NEMA Code Adoption Map to see which Code cycle is in effect in your area. It even provides links to applicable Code solution videos and more. Access is always FREE. So click below to select access to either the 2023, 2020, 2017 or 2014 Captain Code Portals.

Captain Code Portal on Laptop

The Code Guide Booklets

Captain Code identifies the key changes to the NEC® no matter which Code cycle you’re on.

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