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Wi-Fi Wake Up Call

Wi-Fi Wake Up Call
Wake Up Your Kids with Leviton

Sincerely Sara D, the DIY Home Decor blogger based in Indiana with a worldwide fanbase, thought of a fun new way to wake up the kids on school days, and it involves just the touch of a button. As well, she is a huge fan of Leviton plug-in outlets, as she now automates her bedroom fans using Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology.

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Leviton approached home design extraordinaire Sara D to share her unique experiences with convenient wireless lighting controls, and the creative DIY'er provided an excellent tutorial for her growing followers on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her website.

Calling the Decor Smart light switches "simple and classy", Sara notes that they ship with color options of either white or light almond, and they can also be changed to several other colors at any time. Sara's father replaced all of the existing bedroom light switches with Decora Smart switches and dimmers and then used the My Leviton app on her iPhone to connect all of them. Sara decided to incorporate the man cave, where they watch television and gather as a family to enjoy movies and TV shows. The family is able to separately control the fan and overhead spotlights using a dimmer and a switch. In Sara's video, she uses her app to adjust the lighting as the kids settle in with popcorn. Now everyone is ready for "Lights, camera, action!"

"Everyone in our family sleeps with fans, and all of our fans are now hooked up to the plug-in outlets." Since the plug-in outlets feature Wi-Fi technology, they easily pair with the My Leviton app, and can be scheduled to turn on every night and off every morning. As well, any family member can use their app to adjust the fan in the middle of the night, or press the button on the module to adjust. "Leviton's plug-in outlets are amazing," says Sara as she continues, "the plug-in outlets can be programmed to turn on (or off) at the same time every day!"

"I have the app on my phone...and it works so well", said Sara. The family used the My Leviton app to establish a "Summer Schedule" , which means the kids can sleep in a little longer and the lights in their rooms will turn on a little later. When the fan goes off, the lights come on. It's time to get up! A separate schedule for the school year would wake everyone earlier to prepare for a full day of learning.

As Sara says, it's all about convenience. "Now I can wake up my kids without even running upstairs."

Sincerely Sara D