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The Oasis at Highwoods

The Oasis at Highwoods
A Leviton Smart Dimmer for Every Home

When moving into a new apartment, you expect everything to be just to your liking – new stove, new bathroom, new fixtures. Thanks to Leviton and MDU software partners like iQuue, now there is a new technology solution that can ease every day living and make it exciting to reside there, plus give property managers peace of mind via connected properties. 

iQuue is one such company that is helping to bring smart apartment technology to multi-dwelling units (MDU) with a focus on property management. Partnering with Leviton means they can provide a building infrastructure backbone for multiple apartments that come standard with smart dimmers, switches, and/or outlets. iQuue Management Software provides an integration point for many Samsung SmartThings hubs spread across all apartments within a building or community. Individual apartment dwellers can create a whole house automation system and add more Leviton devices at any time to their base package, adding any of the 100+ other compatible smart devices, including smart televisions. Further, the solution adds battery management for all wireless smart devices like door locks and water sensors.

Specifically, the Oasis at Highwoods is a 300-unit luxury apartment community developed and managed by Picerne Real Estate Group. The smart apartment features including Leviton Z-Wave Dimmers have differentiated the space as a premier community with state of the art amenities. The model apartment acts as a wonderful selling tool with voice controlled lighting from Alexa and Leviton. “After prospects have seen 5 or 6 other communities they’re sure to remember the apartment they toured where they were able to turn on lights with Alexa and Leviton,” said iQuue VP of Business Development, Jonathan Rivera. Residents love the convenience and energy savings that smart home lighting and other devices can provide. Many choose to turn on lights for their pets while they’re away from home and can do so remotely or based on a schedule including sunrise/sunset.

“Leviton products ensure a reliable deployment to smart apartment communities,” added Jonathan. Prior to working with Leviton smart lighting controls, a competitor’s products were utilized and were a constant source of concern due to lack of dependability. “We no longer have that issue with Leviton products, helping us have confidence to deploy to two new regions.” Further, the Leviton products look and feel great, so prospective clients are eager to test them after recognizing the Leviton brand name and familiar styling. “We love Leviton for reliability, brand recognition, and the confidence we can put behind our proposals.”

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