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St. Louis Library

St. Louis Library

St. Louis Library

The Challenge

Wanting to retrofit outdated lighting scheme and old fixtures to new T8’s and control them with lighting control panels, photocells for Daylight Harvesting, and sensors. 

The Solution

We installed 3-EZ-MAX Plus (8 circuit) panels in the main floor of the library and tied Photocells to them to capture the incoming ambient light. We then added sensors to the floor by each row of books to further the energy management.

The Results

We solved situation that had been a major problem for the University, and in turn helped save the on energy cost to the tune of 40% savings. We also have been asked to be on their “Wall of Sustainability”(coming in 1st QT 2011) because of the help we provided to the University through the project. 

For More Information

To learn more about the wide range of Leviton’s lighting control and energy management solutions, please visit www.leviton.com/lms or call 503-404-5555.