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Speck Electric Case Study

Leviton and Sparkling Pointe Winery

Master Electrician, Speck Electric, Uses Leviton Load Center for Faster Install in Tight Space

When Evan Speck, a Rhode Island-based master electrician, arrived at a Narragansett jobsite, he found the panel in need of a service upgrade located in a crawl space. He tackled the job in just a few hours using the Leviton Load Center.
“This week we had a 200A service upgrade. The main panel was in a crawl space, violating NEC (Sec. 110.26(A)(3)) Height of Working Space. I contacted the local AHJ about moving the panel to the first floor and they said it could stay due to it being preexisting. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled working in that space for hours, but most importantly, it was a lot more affordable for the homeowner. So, I put on my big boy pants and hooked her up with only the best Leviton Load Center. The Leviton Load Center saved me a ton of time, so I didn’t have to be in the crawl space any longer than I had to be. We were out of there in a few hours from start to finish.”
Leviton Load Centers are known and loved by pros in the field for their time-saving benefits. Up to 25% faster to install, the all plug-on breaker design speeds up installation, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Breakers simply snap in and out - no wiring to circuit breakers up to 60A for copper wire, and 50A for aluminum wire.
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“The Leviton Load Center saved me a ton of time, so I didn’t have to be in the crawl space any longer than I had to be.” – Evan Speck

Leviton and Sparkling Pointe Winery