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Sheraton South Korea

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The outstanding Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel rises from the heart of downtown Seoul, South Korea. As an iconic tourist destination, the hotel strives to stay ahead of the curve in technology and energy trends. As part of their modern lighting scheme, the Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel used LEDs in 30% of the facility's fixtures.
Modern Solutions with Real Savings

The LED lights that made up 30% of the Sheraton's lighting required dimming capabilities to achieve daylight harvesting goals. Unfortunately, many dimming options the hotel considered would not allow for daylight harvesting that maintained lighting quality while the lamps were being dimmed.

"Leviton provided reliable, quality dimming for all fixtures, including new LEDs."

In addition, to gain stable performance of the facility's lighting systems, the Sheraton required an integration of scheduling and manual control through switches, touch panels, and other devices that did not require PC programming to perform. A solution providing the reliability of a scheduling system with the ability to manually override and accompany temporary needs was desired.

Fortunately, Leviton could provide products that met Sheraton Seoul's unique needs. The a-2000® stable SCR dimmer and 0-10V controller were able to control all lighting in the facility: LED, fluorescent, halogen, cold cathode and HID lamps. The D4000 dimming controllers allowed the hotel to set lighting system schedules, scene control, and RGB sequence control—all without relying on a PC to set and maintain.

Superior Performance from Leviton

After implementing Leviton's dimming and lighting control solutions, the Sheraton Seoul noticed a marked improvement in the quality and reliability of dimming, especially in the LED lighting fixtures. Leviton solutions are now controlling the Sheraton Seoul's seminar rooms and ballrooms, connecting into the Leviton entertainment line with stage consoles and DMX controls. The integration dramatically improves the performance and convenience of events at the hotel—for organizers and guests.