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Rehabilitation Hospital Case Study

Rehabilitation Hospital Case Study
Enhancing patient recovery with smart lighting controls.

The Challenge

A new national rehabilitation center in Downey, California offers primary care, mental health and specialty care to the greater Los Angeles area. Hospital administrators looked to innovate by adding circadian rhythm controls and lighting to intensive care rooms to promote healing and well-being.

The Installation

Sapphire™ Touch Screens and LumaCAN to DMX Gateways were installed at the nurses stations to control the lighting system in the intensive care patient rooms.

The Solution

Sapphire Touch Screens installed at the nurses stations provide a customizable user interface with multiple tabs and button and slider controls to set lighting scenes and match different times of the day in multiple patient rooms.

The astronomical time feature on the Sapphire Touch Screens allow the lighting to be programmed to follow the circadian rhythm cycle and create a calm and relaxing environment for patients by promoting healing and well-being.

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark. Some research has shown that circadian rhythms play an integral role in diverse aspects of physical and mental health.

LumaCAN to DMX Gateways provide a seamless communication between the patient rooms and nurses stations.


Sapphire LCD Touch Screens provide elegant, full-scale touchscreen control solution for LED control, dimming, scene control, scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylighting, and color tuning. Combine the easy system integration of Leviton commercial lighting controls with the flexibility of a customizable user interface and native control convenience. 

LumaCAN to DMX Gateways

The LumaCAN to DMX Gateways offer convenient network conversion in order to provide seamless communication between products on either LumaCAN or DMX systems. The Gateways exchange channel data between the LumaCAN and DMX networks, allowing devices using different protocols to seamlessly operate together.


Rehabilitation Hospital Case Study

Lighting and controls help achieve cost-savings in energy and maintenance for healthcare facilities while enhancing the patient experience and well-being and improving functionality for staff to provide effective care.

When considering the needs of a healthcare facility including hospitals, specialty clinics and outpatient centers, Leviton provides a single source for a high-quality and cost-effective packaged lighting and controls solution.

Leviton offers spec-ready lighting and control solutions for healthcare applications for seamless installation and energy savings.

To learn more, visit Leviton.com/Sapphire.