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R.G.N Construction

R.G.N Construction
Whole Home Renovation Calls for Whole Home Solutions

Ricardo Giraldo, owner of RGN Construction, Marietta, GA, took on the challenge of completely rebuilding a large home in nearby Smyrna, GA. The plan was to take the structure from a new founda-tion to a showcase home that would stand out among the beautiful properties in the area. The complete rebuild would have two floors, including a full in-law suite, and feature the latest building materials and technology with a modern electrical system. The goal for this home, as with all RGN Construction homes, is to build high-end, quality homes that appeal to the younger buyers who value advanced home technology. Giraldo noted, “The market seeks a new look and updated technology. It’s all about competition because demand is very high.”

After reviewing industry competitors and customer needs, Giraldo’s goal was to deliver aesthetically pleasing, market-leading technology that intersects traditional and modern home design to provide comfort, safety, and energy conservation. While sourcing the materials and technology for the project, Giraldo spoke with a sub-division home building associate who recommended Leviton products. “We are really pleased with Leviton,” said Giraldo. “This is our first time using Leviton, but there wasn’t a learning curve. Timing was crucial, so the products had to be available, installed without any callbacks, and be manufactured by a trusted brand. The fact that many Leviton core products are manufactured at Leviton plants in the United States is an added advantage for our company and our customers.”

Smart from the Start

To power the home, the team installed three Leviton Load Centers with Smart Circuit Breakers, and a sub-panel. Giraldo noted how easy the Load Centers were to install, particularly because he was working with bottom fed feeders. He also noted the convenience of only having to use one tool to terminate the wires, and that termination can be done without the circuit breakers present in the panel, making the job faster, easier, and helping to prevent theft.

Leviton Decora Smart® products were used for lighting control throughout the home, and Giraldo pointed out how the products make it easy for electricians to install and for homeowners to use. “Smart products often require explanations for buyers, but once they understand the technology, it’s a great selling point!” said Giraldo. “People like the idea that they can manage their electrical system from anywhere. Leviton’s smart products were easy to explain, and the buyer was quickly able to learn and use the systems.”

While Giraldo credits Leviton’s Decora Smart and Smart Load Center features for making this $1.4 million dollar house stand out in a competitive market, additional Leviton devices are featured in the home – including GFCIs, USB Charger Devices, and lighting controls – bringing industry-leading safety and convenience. Using best-in-class products and solutions allowed him to quickly close the sale of this property in record time.